TexasTEKSIn today’s world of expanding expectations and standards, achieving success with our students has to be more than just “practice makes perfect.” Perhaps because music is an elective subject, music teachers are in the vanguard of education. Consider this example of how creatively applied technology lifted a student with ease.

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You are solo chair in the first clarinet section and the dreaded words leap of the form from the director, “you have been challenged!” It means that the person in the second seat may replace you in your coveted position.

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Morty ManusI was so devastated to lose Morty Manus, president of Alfred Music, who passed away at his Los Angeles home on January 9, 2016 after a battle with cancer. He was a devoted husband to his wife Iris, a loving father and grandfather, an innovative music publisher, a celebrated author, an inspiring mentor to his staff, and a dedicated friend. Morty was a great man. For me, he was like my adopted father. My life was changed forever because Morty was such an important part of it. I learned about how the music publishing industry operated from him, how to treat customers and employees, and most of all how to produce the greatest products possible, which to this day are still changing the lives of those that use them as they experience the joy of making music.

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In 2014, the NAMM Foundation began hosting SupportMusic Community Forums to celebrate commitment to music education in various communities across the country. We are in year two of this program, which highlights community support for music learning. All events take place in school auditoriums— or in in some cases, a local performing arts center—and feature student musical performances, such as band and orchestra, string quartets, steel drum, jazz, rock, vocal and classical ensembles.

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Mike Lawson As I look back on a good thirty years plus now in the music business in one form or another, I recall a string of people without whom I may not be sitting where I am writing this to you today. The easy ones to recall, like my mom and dad, who bought me my first guitar, took me to choir and band practices, and put up with my ridiculous dream of getting out of a small town and playing music on a big stage. I can recall that my friend’s dad, Walt Hall, who taught me to tune my guitar and my first four chords, which he made me draw on a sheet of lined notebook paper: C, Am, F, and G. He said, “Here, when you can play those, come back and I’ll show you some more.” I was just turning nine years old. I can’t possibly recall the names of every choir teacher at churches, though my band and choir teachers in school are easier to remember. All of them in some way or another left an indelible mark on my life and my desire to play music.

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Dr. Charles T. Menghini Every day I have the opportunity to work with music teachers, present and future. I try to provide them with ideas and strategies to make them effective in the classroom. We talk about rehearsal techniques, repertoire, instrument pedagogy, recruitment, and retention…the list goes on and on. Our goal, as music teachers is to help create a climate where people will love and appreciate music throughout their life. We want to have as many students participate and enjoy being a part of our school bands and orchestras as possible. We often take it personally when a student (or parent) informs us they are quitting. We are not alone.

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You never know where the road might lead. Or where the journey begins. Now is the time when your young musicians might be starting to think about attending a summer music camp. It could be a current or future All-Stater, looking to further develop their musicianship. It could be the student with moderate talent, who’s completely dedicated to show choir or marching band and wants to step up as a leader in those ensembles. It could be the quiet kid sitting in the back row, the one who just loves orchestra or choir and wants to meet others who share the same interest.

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Solutions for TeachersTechnology and Assessment presentation draws huge audience

Chicago, IL: The founders of Solutions for Teachers (SFT) were excited to see a packed house for their presentation “An Easier Way to Test Your Students and Get Your Life Back”. This company, founded by two band directors, had standing room only as they demonstrated the assessment system and software that they had created for their own band students.

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Mary Luehrsen As the headline indicates, we are counting down the days until The 2016 NAMM Show. In fact, if you haven’t already made plans to attend (I’m talking to NAMM members, music educators, college music faculty members, or college music students) note that the days, hours, and minutes are slipping away, so make it a priority to register sooner rather than later.

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There are many factors that we weigh when configuring our band’s seating arrangement. Some of them are classroom management-related decisions about who can sit near who. Sometimes we place our best players on the outside of the ensemble because it is a traditional and visible place of honor to be earned by our principal performers.

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